Weather Insurance

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Better Insurance Through Technology


Instead of covering "all perils" with a 50 page document, our insurance uses a single term sheet defining exactly what we cover.

Real Time Monitoring

We provide you with access to the RiskAssist web dashboard to monitor your policies and extract data for your reporting and planning.


No individual loss assessment, paperwork, crop cutting or field visit needed to receive our insurance.

Automated Payouts

If any of your covered risks trigger, at the end of each period you receive a payout - no claim required.


for Farmers

Our premier, specific-peril parametric insurance product. We tailor our product to fit your needs and your budget, using our agronomic research to protect high-value crops against unpredictable weather.

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for Platforms

Are you building an AgTech platform and looking to add crop insurance without building a solution from scratch? Use our APIs to plug insurance into your app and easily provide it to your existing farmer customer base.

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