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our mission

Our mission is to help farmers and agribusinesses reduce climate risk.
Smallholder farmers everywhere face the constant threat of drought and 90% of them have no access to crop insurance. There is no social safety net.  When there is drought, farmers lose more than just their income -- they lose the ability to pay school fees for their children and feed their families.
Agribusinesses seek a hedge against loan defaults due to weather-related harvest shortfalls. We can provide a simple and transparent insurance product that allows them to protect their loan-books against weather forces outside their control, especially as climate risk has been intensifying in the last years.
Our technology makes farmers' risks insurable.

What we do

for farmers:

We provide crop insurance to protect against loss of yield

Our model

  • Our local team understands customers’ needs and provides a crop insurance product that is simple, affordable, and effective in reducing risk from droughts and other problems.

  • We use satellites to monitor the rainfall and trigger payouts automatically.

  • New technologies enable us to distribute our product efficiently and maximize our customers' benefits from being a WorldCover farmer.

our Impact

Crop insurance enables farmers to:

  • Gain access to credit and services for their farm and their family
  • Invest in their most productive crops
  • Pay school fees and feed their families even when there is drought
  • Live without fear of the future

For Investors:

We create investment opportunities for a previously uninsurable risk


  • We turn uncertain, unmeasurable risks into attractive investment products
  • We source data and build models to create transparency
  • We limit downside risk

partner with us

Help us bring insurance to smallholder farmers

We work with partners to make our crop insurance products happen in each market:

If you would like to explore insurance for your organization or for the smallholder farmers you work with, please let us know by clicking below!

We would love to work with you if you are a:

  • MFI (Microfinance Institution)
  • Bank / Fund Manager
  • NGO
  • Government Program
  • Agri Business (Fertilizer, Tractor, Seed or Input Dealer)
  • International Food & Beverages Company
Let us know if you’re interested in discussing an opportunity to work together!
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What customers are saying

“All these years we have been farming and suffering loss from drought, we have never had any crop insurance product like this, so I like the payout we could receive if there happens to be a drought.”
Issifu Jambaku

Spotlight: ghana

As a safe, secure, English-speaking country with a peaceful democracy, Ghana is one of the best places to do business in Africa. Its GDP of close to $50 billion gets a significant contribution from agriculture, while more than half its population of 25 million people are involved in farming.

WorldCover has invested over $1 million on research in Ghana, developing products for several cereal crops. We are enabling insurance in thousands of communities.

Our goal is to help smallholder farmers and small businesses throughout Ghana and the rest of Africa manage their risks relating to climate change and the weather.

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Chris Sheehan

Co-Founder & CEO

Celine duros Acheampong

Head of Business Development

Jason Schapiro

Head of Product & Tech

Dorien venhoeven

Head of operations & people

Melanie Bacou

Head of Research

Teresa Schorstein

head of insurance

kessir adjaho

full-stack engineer

jan lehnert

head of business analytics

John Ndosi

finance manager