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our mission

Our mission is to help farmers in the developing world reduce risk.
Smallholder farmers everywhere face the constant threat of drought and 90% of them have no access to crop insurance. There is no social safety net.  When there is drought, farmers lose more than just their income -- they lose the ability to pay school fees for their children and feed their families.
Investors seek a source of diversified returns that are not subject to financial system crashes. They care about using their funds to enable the growth and resiliency of society. They want to build a better world and build their wealth while doing so.
WorldCover protects farmers from natural disasters
while giving investors diversified returns and direct social impact.

how it works


Investing with WorldCover gives you diversified exposure to insurance investments tied to natural risks, like weather.
  • Choose among sets of customers around the world looking for insurance for different risks, for example:
    -   Maize farmers in Ghana
    -   Coffee farmers in Peru
    -   Rice farmers in the Dominican Republic
  • Earn a portion of premiums paid by the customer
  • Your funds are used for payouts if a drought occurs

Our model

Our local team understands customers’ needs and provides a product that is simple, affordable, and effective in reducing risk.

We use satellites to monitor the rainfall and trigger payouts automatically.

Our transparent risk model limits downside risk and provides positive expected return.


Earn above-market returns with below-market risk. Performance is linked to weather in Africa, not the S&P 500.

  • Better return profile than bonds or stocks
  • Limited downside risk
  • Low correlation to your current portfolio


Every $100 provides coverage for a farmer. This enables them to:

  • Gain access to credit and services for their farm and their family
  • Invest in their most productive crops
  • Pay school fees and feed their families even when there is drought
  • Live without fear of the future

invest WITH US

WorldCover is currently working to provide insurance for up to 200,000 farmers around the world.  Register now to help us reach our goal!

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WHAT investors are saying

'It's pretty exciting being able to make investments where I can earn a profit and also learn more about the people my investment directly helped."
Josh wilson
"WorldCover is transparent, responsive, and makes investing an easy and rewarding experience"

Sandy Hwang

"WorldCover's products help the world while diversifying my risk exposure."
joe sikoscow
“All these years we have been farming and suffering loss from drought, we have never had any product like this, so I like the payout we will receive if there happens to be a drought.”
Issifu Jambaku
Ghanaian Sorghum Farmer

about us

Chris and Shiliang met at MIT in 2004 and moved to New York to pursue careers in finance.  There, they honed their skills in risk management and investing but shared a growing desire to solve broader social problems using finance.

In 2015, Chris and Shiliang founded WorldCover to show that (1) finance can be used as a tool for good in the world, and (2) that businesses with inherently positive social impact can also grow rapidly and create wealth for investors. 

WorldCover's mission is to attract traditional investment capital to socially positive problems around the world.  We are starting with drought in West Africa, and we will continue until every human can manage his or her greatest risks.

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