CropAssure for Almonds

Protect yourself from a changing climate

Work with us to develop easily understandable policies that will protect you against the risks completely out of your control - unpredictable weather.

CropAssure has been developed by our team of agronomists to protect against weather events most detrimental to almond growth, specific to your region. We will pair you with a member of our agronomic team to develop an insurance product that fits your needs and your budget.

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Featuring RiskAssist

Monitor your portfolio in real-time, included free with every CropAssure package


The CropAssure Advantage


We define clear, objective thresholds to show exactly what weather will trigger a payout on your fields.

Real Time Monitoring

We provide you with access to the RiskAssist web dashboard to monitor your policies and extract data for your reporting and planning.

Less Overhead

No individual loss assessment, paperwork, crop cutting or field visit needed to receive our insurance.

Automated Payouts

If any of your covered risks trigger, at the end of each period you receive a payout - no claim required.

Agronomically Grounded

Our team of in-house researchers recommend impact events based on the crop phenology of your specific region and varietals


We work to tailor each insurance product to your needs, only pay for the risks that worry you most

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